Becoming a festival vendor is a great opportunity!

Festival hours are 8 a.m. –   8  p.m.  Set-up will begin at 6 a.m., and all vehicles must be out of the festival area no later than 7:30 a.m.  Parking is available on side streets and security will be provided.  Booths may be taken down beginning at 6 p.m., with musical performances to continue into the evening.

Become A Vendor

How About Your Own Booth? Get your products in front of thousands of potential customers! Setup your own booth at the Historic Mobile Street Festival. The Festival provides a wide array of entertainment and shopping opportunities. With attendees coming from all over the South, you too can join this great opportunity.

Vending With Festival Is a great Opportunity


Vendors will receive a confirmation of booth assignment, with a site map, within two weeks after the application deadline.  Also, booth  numbers will be marked on spaces on the street. Electricity will be provided at a cost of $15 for a 110 outlet and $25 for a 220 outlet.  Water will be provided at a cost of $10.


1.  Booth fees are non-refundable unless inclement weather  forces closure of the festival.
2.  Booth space may not be shared or transferred.
3.  Food and beverages may be sold only at food booths.
4.  Festival volunteers will provide trash bags to vendors.  Bagged trash may be placed on the street for pickup once the festival has ended.
5.  Trash receptacles will be placed throughout the festival for the public and may not be brought into booths.
6.  Electricity will be provided for a fee. Please indicate your preference on the application and remember:  no  generators will be allowed.
7.  No toy or real weapons, drug paraphernalia or alcohol-related items may be sold.
8.  Vendors must provide their own tables, tents and chairs, and rack covers in the event of rain.  We recommend weighted anchors, as  canopy stakes may not be driven into the asphalt.
9.  Portalets will be placed around the perimeter of the festival.
10.  Vendors bear responsibility for set-up and security at their booths.  The festival organizers will not be responsible for loss or damage of any kind.
11.  All sales will be conducted between the vendor and the purchaser.  Vendors are responsible for collecting and remitting Mississippi sales tax of 7 percent to the Mississippi State Sales Tax Commission on all sales made during the festival
12.  Organizers reserve the right to refuse any application.  Vendors who fail to comply with the regulations will not participate in future festivals.